1876 How to Mix Drinks or the Bon-Vivant's Companion 2$50 by Jerry Thomas



180. Archbishop. The same as Bishop, substituting claret for the port. 181. Cardinal. Same as above,substituting champagne for claret. 182. Pope. Same »s above, substituting Burgundy for champagne.


183. A Bishop.



4 table-spoons of white sugar. 2 tumblers of water,

1 lemon,in slices. 1 bottle of claret. 4 table-spoons of Santa Cruz or Jamaica. Ice.

184. Knickerbocker. (Use small bar glass.) (a lime, or lemon,squeeze out the juice, and put rind wljuice in the glass. 2ieaspoonfuls of raspberry syrup. 1 wine-glass Santa Cruz rum. ^ tcaspoonful of Oura9oa. Cool with shaved ice; shake up well, and ornament with berries in season. Ifthis is not sweet enough,put ia a bttle more raspberry syrup. 185.. Rumfnstian. This is the singular name bestowed upon a drkik very much in vogue with English sportsraeuj after their return from a day's shooting, and is concocted thus:


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