1876 The Bar-Tenders' Guide or How to Mix all kinds of Plain and Fancy Drinks by Jerry Thomas



111. Gin Cocktail

(Uso smiill bar glass.)

n S or 4 dashes of gum syrup. 2 do. bitters (Bogart's). 1 wine-glass of gin. 1 or 2 dashes of Curagoa,' 1 small piece lemon peel; fill one-thii'd full of fm& ice fchake well, and strain in a glass.

112. Fancy Gin Cocktail.

(Use eniali bar glass.)

This drink is made the same as the gin cocktaii. eyecpt that it is strained in a fancy wine-glass and a pmce of lemon peel thrown on top,and the edge ofthe glass 7n<ยป'

113. Japanese Cocktail

(Uso small bar gloss.)

1 table-spoonful oforgeat syrup, i teaspoonful of Bogart's bitters. 1 wine-glass of brandy. 1 or 2 pieces oflemon peel. Fni the tumbler one-third with ice, and stir well witir spoon.

114. Jersey Cocktail

(Use small bar glass.)

1 teaspoonful ofsugar. 2 dashes of bitters. Fill tumbler with cider, and mix well, with lemon peol on top.

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