1876 The Bar-Tenders' Guide or How to Mix all kinds of Plain and Fancy Drinks by Jerry Thomas



243. Improved Gin Cocktail. Use the same method and ingredientsasin No.241 sub stituting gin for the brandy.

244. Whiskey Fiz.

(Use small barglass.)

4 or 5 dashes of gum syrup. Juice of J a lemon. 1 small -wineglass of -whiskey. FiU the glass half full of shaved ice, shake up well and strain into a glass. FiU up the glass -with Seltzer water from a syphon and diink -without hesitation.

245. Brandy Fiz.

This is concocted the same way as the "Whiskey Fiz, substituting brandy for whiskey.

246. Gin Fiz.

The same as Whiskey Fiz,substituting gin for whiskey.

247. Santa Cruz Rum Fiz.

The same asWhiskey Fiz, substituting Santa Cruz rum for whiskey.

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