1879 Drinks and how to make them by Yeatman & Co

an early morning drink, we have tried a mixtur and soda-water, in equal parts, flavoured with of Calisayine Bitters, and the experiment regret.”

From “Sketch.”—June,


“Town Talk. — The talk of to is Calisayine Bitters; and talking could talk, what town would mention a cele me-up? Why—Calais, sayin’ ‘Bitters.’ “At the clubs, the talk is of Cocktails Bitters. In the lobby of the Hous night as to why Mr. Pickwick label) should have a frog as Tadpole a Darwinism, said one, ‘ As the t waterdom of frogdom wore a tail, it the ‘ survival of the fittest,’ when it attain lution ’ should have a tail and a Another suggested that the Bitters, like would make its way by ‘ leaps and bounds.’ “Anyway, it is a delicious preparation, rate pick-me-up. Messrs. Yeatman, of street, have given society the best invented, and deserve success.” From Dr. I. Z., 80, Brook Stre Square, W, “ Messrs. Yeatman & Co., ‘ Gentlemen, “ Your ‘ Calisayine Bitters’ a tainly a charmingly flavoured aromatic tonic appetiser. With champagne, exhilarant is at hand, and combined with milk water, an excellent tonic nutrient is formed. tive liqueur, after meaD, it is admirable, 21

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