1879 Drinks and how to make them by Yeatman & Co

may be advantageously used in combination spirits, or mineral waters.

From “ Land and Water.”—May “Summer Drinks. — When 90 deg. in the shade, one’s balance at low, one’s wife at the sea side, and the nurse children at home, a pick-me-up is most certainly Some people take their sherry and b have recourse to the gin bottle, temperanc for shrub and peppermint, Purveyors to the Queen and the Gov troduced a patent and peculiar pick-me-up. technical name of Calisayine { forming different drinks. It is e From ‘‘The Caterer and Ho Gazette.”~Juue 7th, 1879. Calisayine Cocktail tion, introduced by Messrs. Yeatman & Co,, Pu the Queen and the Government, make> a ing ‘ Pick-me-up,’ and is equally grateful the cunningly concocted ‘ drinks American inventiveness. T plied by the most aromatic of the quiiine-yieldin so that the preparation possesses tone viidue order. It is not overpoweringly bit pleasant taste makes it acceptable when ta a liqueur. In a pamphlet entitlel to make Them,’ Messrs, Yeatnan recipes for Cocktails, Cups, anc such l in which the ‘ Calisayine Bitters ’ figure as ingredient. These compounds will sca the approval of the connoisseur in curious


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