1879 Drinks and how to make them by Yeatman & Co

“ I know of no nutritive and bra Dr. Seguin, “of so excellent a character Calisayine—so named, I conjecture, from bark, being known as the best of the Peru barks. I consider these Bitters, wine or spirit—or, in fact, with healthful tonic to the debilitated stomach, nerve, and the whole system. I hav of them to patients of both sexes, and ireque mended them for children who wanted with good effect. ” A speciality of Yeatman’s Calisay which no other bitter possesses is its liq and it may be drank as a liqueur. bitter principle is in part disguised, and expense of the tonic powers, fo peculiarly rich in the possession of a large pe the medicinal properties of the finest of many forms a delicious tonic liqueur nourisher. The Calisayine Bitters are recommended by the medical profession for the use of delicate children, and are guaranteed to be perfectly harm I have tried your Calisayine eminent London Physician, “and think They form an elegant tonic. effects of Calisaya as a tonic are ap your compound you have so happily combined a &c., that,* to my mind the most delightful ever introduced is discovered—fascinating to the &c., &c.


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