1883 McDonough's bar-keepers' guide, and gentlemen's sideboard companion (1883)


136. Arctic Punch. Fill large bar glass one-half full of shaved ice, one tablespoon of bar sugar, one wine-glass of Cognac Brandy, one-half wine-glass of Jamaica Enm, fill up with cream or milk ; shake well, and place glass on bar with shaker up, let it stand for five minutes and then take the shaker off carefully, and your punch will be frozen. This drink is a favorite in hot weather. Sherry Punch. Fill large bar glass with shaved ice, one table-spoon of powdered sugar, two wine-glasses of Sherry Wine ; shake well and ornament with sliced fruit and berries. Sip through a straw. 138. Lemon Punch. The juice of eight lemons, the peel of two lemons, two pounds of loaf sugar, one gallon of boiling water, one-half gallon of Santa Cruz Rum, one quart of Porter, two large wine-glasses of Maraschino; strain and bottle ; place on ice. 137. Curacoa, Chartreuse, Benedictine and Brandy. Lay the liquors in separate with a spoon or glass tube, so that the colors will be separate in the glass. Use Sherry Wine glass. 140. Absinthe. Fill a small pony-brandy glass with Absinthe and place it in a large bar glass and drop water slowly upon it until the Absinthe as- sumes an opaline tint. In most well-regulated bars there is an Absinthe filter. It consists of a glass in the bottom of which is a small hole, through which the water escapes into the one below, in which is the Absinthe. 141, John Collins. Fill large bar glass one-third full of cracked ice, one table-spoon of bar sugar, one wine-glass of Old Tom Gin, fill up with plain soda stir with spoon, add the peel of a lemon to finish. Sip through a straw. 139. Post Cafe or Pusse Cafe. This drink is of french origin. It is an after-coffee drink, and is made of equal parts of Maraschino, very popular in Paris. It is

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