1885 New Guide Hotel Bar Restaurant



Tincture of Cinnamon. Take 1 lb. of cinnamon, freshly ground, put in a jar with 1 gallon of 0. p. pWm spirit. Steep for 14 days; then filter, bottle, cork, and seal. Tinctures of Coriander, Cardamum, and Carraway Seeds Are made by infusing the seeds, without grinding, for three weeks, in o. p. spirit; 1 lb. to the gallon. Tinctures of All-Spice, Nutmeg, Mace and Gentian Are all ground before infusing, and are manufactured as for tincture of cloves. Very Good Bitters May be made from mixing 1 tablespoonful of tincture of cinnamon ; 1 tablespoonful of tincture of lemon ; 1 table- spoonful of tincture of Seville orange ; 1 tablespoonful of tincture of cloves; 1 tablespoonful of tincture of allspice;

1 pony glass of syrup ;

J pint of bay rum ;

reduce to excise

strength, with distilled water.

To Make Bay Rum.

Infuse 2 lbs. of fresh bay leaves in 1 gallon of white rum. Let it stand a month. Stir the leaves up occasionally by rocking the jar which must be kept tightly corked the whole time. Strain off and bottle.


Take 1 oz. of solferino ;

mix with

gallon of o. p. plain


Shake the bottle well, two or three times during 24


Filter and bottle.



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