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Essence of Violets. Take 1 quart of freshly gathered perfumed violets.

Steep in

i gallon of plain spirit.

Infuse for a fortnight.

Strain off

the liquor, and bottle, cork, and seal.

Violet Syrup.

To the violets in the jar, now add 1 quart of white refined sugar syrup. Agitate for two or three days and keep in a warm place. At the end of a fortnight, strain and filter off. Press the violets in a screw tammy or wring in a cloth held by two persons, and wrung contrary ways until every drop of juice is expressed. Then tone up with cochineal and indigo colourings until the syrup is a good violet colour. Cork and bottle for use ; for flavouring jellies, blanc-manges, &c.

Essence of Hawthorn.

Macerate 3 pints of flowers in i gallon of spirits, and J gallon of strong sugar syrup. Steep for 14 days. Filter, cork, and bottle.

Essence and Spirit of Jessamine Flowers.

Pick the fresh petals without any of the green, and press them down until you have a quart measure full. Add 2 oz. of coriander seeds, and steep the whole in ^ gallon of o. p, spirit, and 1 quart of water (distilled is best for the purpose). Steep for three weeks, drain off, bottle, and cork.

Mock Essence of Violets

Is made from 1 lb. of orris root, ground, and infused in a gallon of either spirits of wine or grain spirit, the latter is best; 1 quart of water and 3 lbs. of sugar. Steep for a month ; then draw off and filter.

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