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Orange a la Prince.

Slice i doz. fine rinded St. Michael's, and 1 doz. Seville oranges, place them in a jar with 1 oz. of orange blossoms, or use 1 oz. of orange flower water, add 14 lbs. of lump sugar, 2 gallons of water, 2 gallons of o. p. spirit. Infuse for 10 days, filter, bottle, cork and seal.

Eau D*Or.

Make a quart of good sugar syrup, 3 lbs. sugar to 1 quart of water. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. Clear with white of egg, and strain through a flannel bag into a basin. As the syrup stands in the basin, float in two leaves of gold When they have settled on the top of the syrup, with a silver spoon take some of the syrup and pour it over the gold leaves. Add 1 oz. of *' Stevenson's and Howell's essence of almonds, i an oz. of their spirit lemon essence, and i an oz. of their treble distilled orange flower water, 1 pint of white rum or plain spirit. Put into clear Russian glass spirit bottles. The gold leaf should be equally divided amongst the bottles. This can be done by using a silver skewer with the spoon and breaking it up into tiny In serving shake the bottle before pouring into the liqueur glass as each is supposed to contain some tiny specks of gold. Blanch J lb. of bitter almonds, bruise in a mortar with J lb. of loaf sugar. Put into a half gallon jar, with 2 oz. of thinly peeled lemon rind, i an oz. of orange flowers. Cover with 2 quarts of 0. p. spirit. Macerate for a fortnight. Add to a quart of clear syrup 2 gold leaves, cover with the syrup as before leaf. flakes. Eau D'Or. No 2. This is is a more complicated method.

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