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barrel and leave it for 12 months to clear, without additional finings.

Apple Wine.

Take 9 gallons of sweet cider; add to it 1 pint of the essence of brandy ; a dessert-spoonful of powdered nitre; and 2 lbs. of glucose ; rummage well together. Let it work well, having put in a spoonful of yeast to start it. When it has settled, fine it with Boby's ale finings. Draw off in 3 days into a clean cask or bottles. This will be found to be a superior wine. It is cheaper to buy the cider in bulk from the cider makers and bottle it if you have no quick sale for it on draught. A very good drinking cider for family use, may be made by grating J lb. of apples of a rather tartish taste dividing them equally into two quart champagne bottles. Put in each a table- spoonful of crushed lump sugar (any kind of sugar will do) fill up with spring-water, cork, tie down with wire or string, keep in a warm corner, and in 3 days you will have a splendid applejack champagne. A slice of quince in each bottle is a great improvement. This is an American drink, and is a great favourite in coun- try districts during the summer season. You can tell it is not a town drink by the rough and ready style of manu- Rhubarb Cider. Take 28 lbs. of rhubarb, gathered on a dry day, cut it into 2 inch lengths, and pound it with a wooden mallet. Add to it 3 gallons of cold water; stir it well, so that the rhubarb may mix with it. Cover the tub over and let the liquor begin to ferment. When the surface is covered with yeast, begin facture. Cider.

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