1885 New Guide Hotel Bar Restaurant



enamelled baths, or tin tubs, that can be kept clean and bright, you will find it will pay in the long run. Parsimony and dirt will drive away would be customers, while bright- ness and cleanliness, and a moderate expenditure in absolute necessaries will draw customers, quadruple your income and rapidly repay your outlay. Keep the glasses bright and clean. Never leave dirty glasses about. The moment a customer has finished remove the glass. If he calls for another of the same, mix it in a clean glass, he may have been smoking, and the fumes of the tobacco or some of the nicotine from the pipe may have tainted the first glass. It would not be perceptible to the drinker then, but would be in a second mixing, or to another person tasting out of the glass. This is another very important item and will not cost so very much. Flooring boards can be bought cheap, sawn into 4, rounded and painted, and used as flag staffs or up- rights, on which cross beams can be placed, and cheap copper wire baskets hung from them containing ferns and mosses. Ivy grown in pots, and placed in brackets, or on shelves amongst the glasses. Pots of musk, grasses, &c., all grow in the shade, or in rooms, and look pleasant, cool to the eye, and inviting ; vases and arrangements of cut flowers should not be neglected. The design and arrange- ment, as well as the selection of flowers, should be varied, differing in style each week, and in keeping with the season. Never be ashamed if you are reduced to having only a few sprays of asparagus leaves, and a gaudy nasturtium or two. Attractiveness.

Herbs Used in Making the Drinks.

Sweet scented verbena, plays a very important part in the manufacture of American drinks. This in all good bars

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