1888 Bartender's Manual by Theodore Proulx (Revised Edition)


little apollinaris water or plain water to it, then raise the pony very slowly and the bran9.y will float on the top of the water. Banana. Egg and milk, shake up together with ice and strain. Brandy Frappe· One pony of brandy or a jigger of brandy in a mixing glass filled with fine ice, shake up well, then strain in a thin glass with half a bottle of . imported ginger al'e. lfaltimore Egg Nogg. Lemonade glass, one-third of a jigger of Jamaica rum, one-third of a jigger of whisky, one-third of a jigger of sherry, two-thirds of a tablespoonful of sugar, lumps of ice, one egg filled with milk. Shake well, and strain in a large thin glass. With nutmeg, if desired. ·· Cocktail-Whisky. "Fake a mixing glass, hold it in your left hand, fake fl piece of lemon peel in your right hand, press it, an'd put it in the glass; then add two squirts of bitters, syrup and absinthe; then put in your bar ice and one jigger of whisky; stir it with a spoon; then strain it into a cocktail glass. Some bartenders make th e mistake of adding the fruits of the season. It is wrong, as a cocktail should always be served plain.

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