1888 Bartender's Manual by Theodore Proulx (Revised Edition)

13 an inch of the sugar and bitters from the edge, which makes it look very inviting; then pour in the cham– pagne. · Champagne Frappe. Place your bottle of champagne into a pail of broken ice and coarse salt, and roll it until it is quite thick and almost frozen. Claret Cobbler. Take a cobbler glass, which is a tall thin glass, put in a piece of twisted lemon-peel, one and a half teaspoonfuls of syrup, then fill the glass with bar ice and fill it full of claret; stir it up with a spoon and ornament with fruit of the season. Serve with two straws. Claret Punch. One-eighth of a lemon in a cobbler glass, about two teaspoonfuls of syrup squeezed together with the muddler, fill the glass full of fine ice, then fill with claret, stir with spoon, dress with fruits and straws. No. 2. Take a mixing glass, put in about two tea– spoonfuls of lemon-juice. (Some bars keep a bottle of the juice already prepared, in order to save the time squeezing the lemons for each drink. I therefore use the term of teaspoonfuls instead of a half or a quarter of a lemon, etc.) Put in about two teaspoonfuls of syrup, one and a half jiggers of claret, then fill glass full with bar ice. No~ fill another mixing glass with

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