1888 Bartender's Manual by Theodore Proulx (Revised Edition)


1 wires and strings with tfo.e nippers, and leave no string s around the cork; cut as close as you can in order to make it look neat. Fold an ordinary napkin to about three or four inches wide, leaving it at its full length ; then take your bottle of wine and roll it up in the napkin. You will hold the bottle in your right hand, and with· your left proceed to twi st and draw the cork. Having previously provided yourself with a small napkin , you will immediately, upon re– moving the cork, wipe the mouth of the bottle to remove any particles of cork that might still adhe re. You will then pour a little wine into the glass of the customer who ordered th"e bottle ; then fill all the other glasses and back to the first unti l they a r e all full set. (But in a place where they do an exte ns ive business, I should only wipe the bottle and cool the g lasses.) Half and Half or 'Alf and 'Alf. This beverage is composed of one-half ale and the · other half of porter. Hot Whisky. Take one lump of -sugar, dissolve it with a little hot water, add a lemon peel, twisted ; fill your glass one– half full of hot water, and add one jigger of whisky; flavor with nutmeg; if desired. Honey and Whisky. Honey and whisky, or maple syrup, rock candy syrup, molasses with rum or whisky, are all served in

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