1888 Bartender's Manual by Theodore Proulx (Revised Edition)


Hot Sling. Is like any other hot drink, without the lemon pee l.

Gen. Harrison Egg Nogg.

One egg in a g lass of .cider.

Bari-Kari. A whisky sour, strain in a punch g lass, and fill ·with apollinaris or seltzer water.

~ot Apple Toddy .

In a hot d rink g lass, two lumps of sug ar, one-third the g lass of hot wate r, half a baked a pple, one Jigger of apple bra ndy, and nutmeg on the top.

Jers ey Cocktail.

In a mi x ing g lass, a few lumps of ice, a lemon peel, bitte rs and syrup about twice as much as in a regul a r cockta il, two jigge rs of cide r, stra in in a punch g lass with a slice of orange.

Jim Go r e P unch.

In one of those t hick-bottom Southe rn toddy g lasses about the juice of one-fourth of a lemon, sy ru p as you would for a ny othe r punch, some big chu nks of ice, one jigger of wh isky, stir up with a spoon and

leave the spoon in the g lass.

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