1888 Bartender's Manual by Theodore Proulx (Revised Edition)

sprigs of mint; fill glas.s full of bar ice, then one jigger of whisky; stir with spot>n ; then fill the glass again with bar ice so that it may be brim full of ice, add about three more sprigs of mint stuck on top near the edge of the glass ; decorate with fruits. Milk or Cream P1incb. For either of the above use a soda g lass, some lumps of ice, half tablespoonful of sugar, half jigg er o f whisky, and one-half of Medford rum ; then fill i t with milk or cream, whichever your custome r may call for. Strain it in another g lass, and sprinkle nut– meg on the top if desired. SometimE;;; p eople like to drink it with straws. A bottle of ha lf rum and h a lf brandy or whisky should b e p repared for that s ort of drinks. Milk Lemonade. This is made in the same manne r a s any other p lain lemonade, substituting milk in place of wate r, w ith a little more sug ar to prevent it from curdling . . Maraschino and Brandy. T ake a pony g lass and fill it half full of the mara– s chino, a nd then very slowly a nd ca refull y fill it up with brandy. If thi s is done with ca re , the bra ndy w ill not mix, but remain on the top of the maraschino, which is the intention. Serve on the top of a whi sky g lass.

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