1888 Bartender's Manual by Theodore Proulx (Revised Edition)

Turf Cocktail. This is made in the same way as a Manhattan Cocktail, except using Old Tom Gin and vermouth, instead of.whisky and vermouth, omitting abs inthe. Velvet. Velvet is composed of a pint of champagne and a pint of Dublin Stout . This is the small es t amou nt; but should the party consist o f more tha n five or s ix pe rsons, why you should use doubl e the amount of each. Put half of each in g lasses. Plain _Toddy. A little cut sugar and water in a bar g lass, a nd the custome r pours hi s own liquor. Wliisky Toddy-Modern Way. Take a mixing g lass and put in syrup as you wo uld a cocktail; some bar ice; one jigger of whisky. Str a in it in a stem champag ne g lass and serve with a little nutmeg ori top. Whisky S1nash. Take a hollow stem g lass, thrust in its opening a sprig of mint, then fill with fine ice all around it. Then in a mixing glass put sy rup as you would in a sour, a _teaspoonful of water, abo~t three sprigs of mint slightly mashed with the muddler, fill two-thirds with fine ice, one jigger of whisky; stir well and strain and add fruits.

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