1888 Bartender's Manual by Theodore Proulx (Revised Edition)


F'or Headache. An absinthe suisette, or a t easpoonful .of bi-car_ borate of soda an~ seltzer water. A soda cocktail is also recommended. For St01naclt-ache. Some French brandy, with plenty of J amaica ginger or peppermint. For Diarrhooa. Take a whisky glass; put in a piece of lemon-peel twisted; considerable amount of nutmeg, and also Jamaica g inger, half jigger of blackberry brandy, half · port wine and half brandy, with good deal of sugar. To Sober Up On. A soda cockta il , or some lemon juice and seltzer water. ..... , Morning After Being Inebriated. A cocktail made with a considerabl e amount of absinthe. This is to steady the nerves ; or an absinthe, or Collins.

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