1888 Bartender's Manual by Theodore Proulx (Revised Edition)

41 Use judgme nt in everything you do or say, as it is the secret of popularit) behind the bar. For instance, two gentlemen e nte r and call for cocktails. Now you knO\v that one of them des ires but little sweetening . ·while the other likes more. Now your business is, a s far as possible, to please both. That is judgment. A g ain you will find some customers who appreciate a smile from you, or a " How do you do?" or a remark about the state of weather, while another does not ca re to be spoke n to at all ; h e wants his drink, is will– ing t o pay for it, and the n d eparts. To discriminate between these different classes, and to treat them ac– cord ing ly , is judgment. Do not be afraid to use both hands wheneve r you have an opportunity. Whe neve r you make a mixed drink of any kind, always prepare, in advance, the g lass which is to re– ce ive it. Whe n you make a mixed drink, avoid as far as p ossible, spilling wat e r o r ice upon the bar counter. N ever g ive a man a ny more drink when it is p e rceptible to you and others that he has already had e noug h. There is nothing to be gained by it in the end. vVh en us ing two or more different kinds of liquor for mixed drinks, put each bottle back in its respective p lace befo r e fi nishing the d rink, a nd do the same with the jigger, spoon, nutmeg box, e tc. ; otherwise you will fi nd them in your way should a rush come in sudde nl y.

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