1888 Bartender's Manual by Theodore Proulx (Revised Edition)

' " 43 \tVhen se rving a hot lemonade, put a g lass of fine ice on the side with a spoon. Water' should be g iven on the side of almost everything except claret, Rhine wine, etc. CLARET ON T HE TOP. Claret on the top of a lemonade or a whisky sour, etc.: .Hold a · cocktail spoon floating on the liquid, then pour the claret slowly and it will spread itself 'over the drink and float. To give a napkin with every drink would be almost too much of a go.od thing, but with every milk drink and eg g drink and Tom and J er~y, it is essential. ON T H E SIDE. · . When serving apollinaris, Vv aukesha, or g inger a le, etc., on the side, do not fill the glass ; half, or two-thirds full will suffice, and save t en per cent. OPEN I NG POP. When ope ning a bottle of pop, instead of striking it under the top of the counter, hold it in your left hand and with the end of the muddler in your right hit the pate nt wire cork ; it will make less noise and give more satisfaction. When straining a cocktail and sour, while holdin

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