1888 Bartender's Manual by Theodore Proulx (Revised Edition)

To accomplish this task, I shall immediately open correspondence with leading bar-tenders of other big cities of America. I also inform inventors of new drinks, who will be so kind as to forward their receipts, that their names will appear in the circular. The above circular will be forwarded on receipt of twenty cents to any address. HOW T O SERVE BASS' AN D SCOTCH ALES. iVIany bartenders know exactly how to serve Bass' ale in bottles. But there are many more vvho do not know how, and there are some who know hO\~ but will not take the trouble to serve it right. Bass' ale should be handled with care; when taken from the ice box it should be held in a way that the movement of your steps will not disturb the settlement in the bottom; and when driving the corkscrew into the cork hold it tightly with the left hand so as not to allow the motion of the right, while driving the cork– screw, to shake the bottle. Then pou1~ it out slowly. Scotch ale should be served the same way and even with more care. - When mixing milk punch, egg nogg, sherry flip, etc.: when you put the sugar in the glass, put in a little water to dissolve the sugar first and stir with a spoon, then proceed with your drink. There are two different styles of Pousse Cafe glasses: the oval shaped and the ale glass shape; the latter is exactly like the stem ale glass, but only the size of a pony.

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