1888 Bartender's Manual by Theodore Proulx (Revised Edition)

When a party of two or more are drinkin o- and b one of them calls for a fizz, either silver or plain, mix it, with the exception of the seltzer, which you should only add when everybody else is served so they can drink all at the same time, and he will drink hi s fi zz·while it is foaming. Authorsof' "Bartenders' Guides" may direct the way of mixing drinks with a teaspoonful of thi s and squirt of that, but good sound I 8 karat judgment will come nearer the right direction than all the ideas we can give you. Never trust a man for more than one round of drinks, ·with but vert few exceptions. The Angostura and Reed's cocktail bitters are the best bitters for cocktails. TO CLEAN THE COPPER. Take Easman & Brothers' kitchen crystal soap. . Shave some of it with a knife all over the copper. Then sprinkle some water over it and with a scrub-. ing brush rub it very thoroughly, wipe it dry with some towels. I think it is the best and most harmless polish used. TO CLEAN THE MIRROR. A wine glass full of ammonia to three quarts of water. Then take three clean towels, dip one in the preparation, wring it a little and wet the mirror, and with another towel give it one wipe, and with the third dry it thoroughly.

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