1888 Bartender's Manual by Theodore Proulx (Revised Edition)

9 a lemon peel, fill the glass two-thirds full of ice, one and one-half jigger of sherry _wine, stir with spoon ; strain in the champagne g lass ; add fruits and float some claret on fhe top. Arrack Punch. Is made like a rum or whisky punch, substituting arrack for the other liquors. Absinthe Cocktail. In a mixing glass, bitters, syrup as in a regular cocktail, with a lemon peel, fill the glass two-thirds full of ice, two-thirds of a jigger of absinthe, half a jigger of water or seltzer; stir with spoon, and strain in cocktail glass. · Amaranth Cocktail. A regular cocktail; sq~irt some seltzer on the top with a little powdered sugar, to make it fizz. Ale Saugarer. One t easpoonful of sugar, one glass of ale, nut– meg on the top. Blue Blazer. To make this, you will take a hot whisky glass which is to receive the hot drink, and place it in front of you on the counter. You ill then take a whisky glass not quite half full of hot water, two pieces of sugar, and dissolve the sugar by stirring with a spoon; ·then p ut in a jigger of whisky, strike a match and set .

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