1888 Harry Johnson's new and improved bartender's manual (1888)

- 24- 22. HOW ALE AND PORTER SHOULD BE DRAWN. The proper way of drawing Ale or Porter is clirectly from the cask, or as it is called from the wood ; if the necessary r oom and co.nvenience is availa,ble the customer prefers this to any other method. If drawn through pipes it is necessary to see to it, that these are made from t he best mat erial and constantly kept clean, and that the por tion r emaining in the pipes over .night is not usedi so that customer s can always obtam a fresh, clear g ass of Ale or Porter: . Bottled Ales _should be stored in a horizontal position, and only what is intended for use during the next three or four days put upright in a cool plftce, so that the sediment can settle on the bottom of t he bottle. In pouring into glasses car e should be taken not to shake the bottles. In cold weather it is not necessary to use ice with Ale or Porter drawn behind the bar; but if the weather is warm the temperature may be i·egulated by putting ice on the pipes. In poming Ale out of a bottle, the bar tender should av01d shak– ing the bottle while drawing the cork. If pouring out Bass's or Scotch .A.le for one customer, a glass should be selected large enough to hold all t he bottle contains, otherwise the portion pom ed out last will not look as clear as it ought to. If two or three glasses are to be filled, the bartender may take them in his left hand and carefully pour in the Ale, by gently tiltu;g the bo~tle, and it. will .look perfectly clear u.nd bright and gwe full satisfact10n to t he cus– tomers. 23. TREATMENT OF MINERAL WATERS. It is absolutely necessary to keep miner al waters - in. a cool J?lac~, so that they will be cold enough without nsrng ice, when serving t hem to customer s. Sy-phons of Selter s or Vichy should not be placed dn·ectly on ice, as there is gr eat danger that they may 0A'J>lode when coming in direct contact with the


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