1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Absinthe-French Style of Mixing. A large bar glas13. One pony g las s abs inthe .

Fill the bowl of your absinthe g lass (which has n holo in th~ cantor) with fine lee and i he bal ancJo wi i h wntot·. Then elevate the bowl and let thfl con Lon Ls drip into Lhe glass containing the nbs i11 tbc, un til tho c11Jor s hows a sufficiency. Pour into a large bar g lass. Serve. Absinthe-Italia n Method of Mixing. A large bar glass. One pony of absinthe. Two or three p'eces of ice. Two or three dnshPS Marnschino . Hair-pony of an isette. Pour ice water Into t he glass; s lowly s tir wit h a s poon and se1ve.

"Ali' and Ari," or Black and Tan. A large ale glass.

This Ls a common E nglish drink a nd means half portc1· ar11l half a.le, but in this country we use half old ale and ha.Ir new. It . . is always best to ask t he cus tomer how ho d esires it.

Bishop. A large bar glaBB.

One tablespoon s ugar. Two clnslrcs lemon juice. Ha.Ir the j uice or an orange. One squirt seltzer water. Three.quarler glass filled wit h floe ice. FLU the balance with Bu rgundy. Dash o! Jama.lea. rum. Eltir well. :Press WiLh rru it, a,nd serve with a, strnw.

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