1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Black Stripe. A small bar glass.

One wine-glass St. Croix mm or .Tanrnic

If called fur in s ummer, stir iu about a tablespoon of wate r and cool with fin e ice. If in th o winter, fill the glass with boilin g wate r, g rnting a little nu tmeg on top, a nd SPtve. Blue Blazer. Half-ta blespoon s ugiu-, dissolved in a lit.tie hot wale r. One wine-glass Scotch whis key. Set the liquid on fire, and, whil e b lazing , pour three or four t imes from one mug into another. This will give t he appearance of a s tream of liqu id fi re. Twist a piece of lemon peel on top wit h a little grat ed nutmeg, and serve. As this preparation requir"s s kill, it is quite rC'quis lie that the amateur should practice wit h cold water at. first.

Brandy and Ginger Ale. A large bcir glass.

Two 01· three lumps ice. One win

Brandy Cocktail . Use small /Jar glas.'I. Take t hree or tour das hes nf g um s yrup.

Two das hes of bitters (13okn's or Angostura). One wiue-glass of brandy. On e 0 1· t wo dashes of Cun1coa.

Fill the glass one-third full of s haved ice, shake up well and strain into a cocktail glass. Twis t o, sma ll piece of \CIT\On rind iµ i~ 1.1tnq i:;erve, ·

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