1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox

Sporting men will find the POLICE GAZETTE SPORTING ANNUAL for 1899 the mos t u s eful and c omplete book o f reference that h as ever been pubtis hed.- N. Y. H erold. THE POLICE GAZETTE

FOR 1899

COMPLETE CHRONOLOGY FOR 1898_; .Athletic, .Aquatic, Bicycl e, Base–

•• b all, B illiards, Cricket, _F~ot... • ball and Y acbtiug StatJsLJcs.

P~IZE ~INC C{-1A1V1PIOf4S With the ir Records GOlVIPlhED BY ·sam. G. RUSTIN Sporting Editor of t he POLICE GAZETTE.


Price l-0 Cents, by M a il.

RICHARD K. FOX, Publis her


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