1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Currant Jelly Water.

(FOR FEVfil! l'A'rIENTS .) ,\ teaspoonCul of curran t jelly, dissolved in a guLl1' t of ~rate~· and s weetened to taste, aliol'dS a l't::fl'eshing dr lnk fo1· l:1valids . Wine, Lemon, or Vinegar Whey . When a pint of milk is brough t j ust to hoil, po u1· i11 a gill of ShtJrry wine. Let it a1-:ni11 come to a b·dl. Whc11 t hu whey sepamte!', strn in and s weeten to tas te, using per ha ps a teaspoonful of s ugar. Toast Water. Toast thoroughly t hin slices of g raham bl'ead . a nd break t he m into a bowl. Pour over euough boil ing w11te r to cove r it when cold; strain off t he wa te r and s weeten it slightly. Ser ve it always freshly made. Flaxseed and Licorice Tea. P our one pint of boiling water over one ounce of flax . seed, not bruised, and two dmehms of licorieo root brnis od, a nd place t he covered vessel near t he fire for fo ur nours . St.ra in it through a sieve,,

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