1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



dru.nk cold Tho s lmplo barley wa.ter bas not an un plcacant t >1sto, a nd is ofton propurcd wit hout add itional flan•r . Yet zest-i. e., t he th in yellow cuts of t hl:l rind of a lemon, or lump s ugat· r ubhecl o,·et· to extract the oil, can be added as flavoring, o t· a lemonaJ'. Barley wate r ma..r be used tempora rily i11sLead of milk. Lime Water. Pour o,·c r a pieco of fresh unslacked limr, about 1•11 inch squa re, Lwo q ua rts or hot wate r. Whe n it has f'lacl; Pd (in n r.iw minutes) sttt· it Lhorou,. hly. LeL it remi•in o,·er nli; ht. n ottlo cnrcfully all t he liquid t hat can be poured oIT in per– fectly clear state. As wutm· will on ly hold a ce t·ta.in amount of lime in s e1lu t io11, t he addition or rooro lime wou ld make t he water or no ~rea.t strength. L ii ue water (an allrnli) I ~ gr nernlly added to milk for t :ie purpose .,f neutralizing the etTect~ of a n acid stomach. About a teaspoonful ton. t ablespoonful of lime water to a h a lf pint of milk i:> us ually prescribed. Cinnamon Water. Add ft ye or s ix stiuks (hair an ounce) of cinnamon to a .,iuL of boiling water, a nd boil fifteen minutes. 1 T o be acl minis torod by t he tnblespoouful. Givun for he morrhages. Flaxseed Tea. Add ha.If a cupful of flaxseed to four cupful!', or a quart, of ])oiling waler. LPt it boil halr a n hour. Let it sLaud fifteen or twou ty minutes near t ho fire a fter it has boiled . Of course tho longer it stands tho thicker it becomes. S Lrnin, sweete n to taste, a nd add a lit tle lemon juice, or not., as preferre d. This ls a useful t!rmulcent drink for coughs, etc.

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