1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox




Oatmeal Drink. Ruh two tab"espoonfuls (two ounces) of oatrnPal smooth by gradually s tirring in a teacupful of cold wat<· r ; add a. pinch of salt. Stir this inLo a quart of bo iling waler and let IL boll half an ho1n·. Stmin it through a fin <' sicYe. Rice Water. Tak•~ best Carolina or Patna ricP, s hould be was hed with cn ld water, t hen boiled in a good measu re of water for ten minutes, t ho water struined otI, and more added; and so on till the goodness is boiled out of the rice. T he water i<> rna.dy to drink when cold. Croum may 1.Je added if Llwrn be u · ~ high fever; a pinch of salt a lso, if desired, or Uavoring ··s for barley water. White Wine Whey. Put two pints of nPw milk in a sauc<>pan, and s fir i 1 over a clear fire ill it is ucar y t oiling ; t hon add a quarter of a pint. of Slwrry, aud s 11ume1· fo1· u. qua rter uf an ho111·, s kimming off I.he c:urd as it risos. Then add a t ablespoon – ful more Sherry, and s kim again fo1· a few minutti, till the whey is clear; sweeten with loaf s ugar , if required. Barley _Water. Add to a pint of boiling wate r half a t ablespoonful (half a.n ounce) of barley, rubbed smooth, with t wo tabl~spoon­ fuls of cold wate r: add also a pinch of sa lt and a table. spoonful of s ugar. Let it boil five minutes. It is to be

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