1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Sherbet. T e n ounces carbonate of soda. Eight o unces tartar ic acid. Three pounds louf s ugm·, finely powdered. F o ur drachms essence of lemon.

Lot t h fl powders b e very dry. Mix them int imately, and keep thtim for u sti in a wide-mouthed bottle closely <'Ul' k1•d, P u t two good-s ized teas poonfuls into a tumbler; pour in 11aH a pint of cold water, stir bdskly, and driult off. Cheap-Made Cider. One h ogshead good cider. One hogshead water. Fifty pounds molasses. Half pound alum, dissolved. Brims tone ma tches to stop fermentation by burning.

Imitation Cider.

Thiny -five gallons water. Sulphuric acid, enough to make t he water ·pleasantly s o ur. F ifty pounds brown s uga1·.

Fuu1· ounces alum. F ive ounces ginger. F ive ounces cloves. Six ounces bitto1· almonds.

Boil t he four Inst ingredients In two gallons of the wat m· for two hours , strain, nn u t~dd this decoct.ion to th.a otllm· wute r. Burned s ugar may be added to color, tf wishe d. From three to foui- galio11s of whis key, if mixed · w it h it, will give more body. It is g enera.Uy known, we s uppose, that bisulp hite of Ii me may b e a dvania.geously employed in fresh cider to s top its conver s ion to vinegar.

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