1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Hop Beer. Fi ve q uarts wnlel'. Six ounces hops.

Boil six hours , nft1•r which st rnin t his, nnd adding f (' t> · quarts more waler a 11 1l Lw•·lve tablespoonfuls grnund ginger I.Joli three ho urs lnngcr. Struin this and mi x wi1h tlw formerly s t;·.ti 11cd liquor . Brul\' 11 deeply a loaf of b1·ead, ant' pounding it line a dd to thP liq 1101·, and whe n it is nearly cult! add a pint of 1Jrow1•r's ~· east, allowing it lo fo rm.mt a daj and a half (thirty.six hom·s) . Drnw off into a keg o r bottle: tie corks down.

Lemon Beer.

One gallon wate1·. One lemon sliced.

One tablespoon g round g inger. One pint Sugar House syrup. H alf pint yeast.

Mix t hor..ughly and let stand for one clay (tw1J nty.fo111 hours), wheu it will be ready to use. If bottled, t ie duw11 the corks.

Sweet Cider. One hund red gallons water. Five gallons honey. / Three o unces cateohu, powdered. Five ounces alum . Two pints yeast.

F erment for firteon days in a warm place (in the s un if possible); add, then, bitter almonds ha lf a po und ; cloves half a pound; burnPcl s nga1·, two pi11ts ; whi ~key, three gallo us . Ir acicl sho ul cl be in excess, correct by adding I o ney or sugar. If too sweet, add s ulphu ric acid t o suit the taste. We should prefer to add cider vinegar fo1· acidula– ting, when necessary.

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