1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Spruce Beer.

T"·o ounces hops. Two ounc es chips of t h e sassn.fras r oot. T en gnJlons wate r.

B o il I.we n ty minutes; strain and pom in while hot one gallon mo lasses.

Two tablespoonfuls essence of s pruce. T wo t.o.b lespoo nfuls essence of g inger. Oue t.nblespoonful esse nce of ground a llspice.

Put it in a k eg, a nd whe n cold acid one quart of yeast; afte r stand ing twenty-four hours draw it off or bottle it.

Ginger Beer. 'l'wo gallons water. One pint molasses. On e gill yeast. 'r wo ounces g round ginger. It will be ready fn1· u se in two hours .

Plantation Beer. Three bunc hes \vintergreen. Three bunches sarsaparilla. Three bunches sassafras. Thrne bunches sweet fern. Three bunches s picawood. Three bunches Prince pine.

Grind above togoth111· in a mill. H eat eight gallon.s wate1'. Put in tho ing1·eclients while the water is hot; boil one h our : strnin, and t he n boU half pound bops in t lu:ee gallon s wnt.er. S trai n and mix with the other, adding on e gallon molasses. Brown o. lon.f of bread; soak it In brewet·s' Y"a,;t ; putting a ll togethe1· in a ten-gallon keg, Jet It fer– m e nt, and when done be.at the white of an egg to a froth. 8tir t hornu gbly into the beer a nd bung t he keg; let it stand until c lear and bottle for use.

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