1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox


Curacoa Cordial. Five and a half gallon s of \\'atcr. Half gallon plain syrup. One pint peach jelly . Half gill gi ngPr extract. One lemon cut in slicct<. Thirty drops oil of nu tmeg. One drachm po\\'de rcc.l al lspice. Five pints water. Strain ih rough lllte r.

Raspberry Brandy. Ten and a half gallons pure spirits, 95 per cent. abo\·e proof. E ighteen gallons wate r. Seven gallons syru p. Eigh.teen gallons raspbcn y j uice. One ounce tartaric acid. Colc.r wit h caramel or burned sugar.

Juniper Brandy. Dissolve half drnchrn oil or juniper in one quart of pure spirit or brandy; add lmlf puu11d of s uga r, dlssoh·ec.l in one quart of water. Root Beer. One oun ce sussafnts. One ounCJe alls pice. Half ounce corian der. Half ounce wild cherry bark. Quarter ounce hops. Three quarts molasses. Pom· boiling wat er on the above nnd let stand twenty– four hours ; strain and add half pint yeast . It will be :· aJy in twenty.four hours. One ounce yellow dock. One ounce wi11 tcr green.

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