1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Improved Whiskey Cocktail. Prepared in the same munnp1· as the Imprn\·ed Brandy Cocktail, by s ubstituting Bourbo n o r rye w h is lrny for t.he brandy.

Gin Cockta il. Use 81nall bar 9la.88. Take three or four <.lashes of g um syrup.

Two dashes of bitters (Boke1 .. s). Oae wi11e-gla.ss or H olla nd g in. One or two

FU! the glass onu-thlnl fu ll of s haved ice, and s train into a cocktail glass. Twis t a s mall piece of lemou peel, place It In t he glass, am! ser ve.

Old Tom Gin Cockta il. or ~arne ns the roregcing, subslituLing Old T om, instead e Holland gin.

Improved Gin Cockta il. sut!t~~e. the same way ns the Improved Brandy Cocktail t tug Rolland or Old Tom gin for t.he brandy.

Champagne Cockta il. Pint bottle of wine f or three goblets.


Per glass.

e one 1 0

urnp or sugar.


0 ne or two das hos or Angostura bitters. ne srnau 1 u • mp or ice. ser-re with: ::.blet with wine, s tir up with a spoon, and A quatt b In piece or twis ted lemon peel. ottie or wine will make s ix cocktails. I Flil th .

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