1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Brandy Champerelle. A Siten·y wi11e-gla.q.~. Unc-ihird wine-glass brnndy. One.thi rd wine-glass l\inrnschino. Onc-ihinl wine-g lass AngosL11 ra bitters.

Keep cc.lors separate.

. Pony Brandy. Pony glass.

8f1t bcforo ihe customer a s mall bar glass, and another containin g ico water. F ill a pony g lass with best bn111dy, and pour it into the empty glass. Brandy Scaffa. A sherry glass. One-quarter of rnspberry syrup. One-qunrtc1· of .Muruschino. One-quarter or Chartreuse (green). On c-q11a t·tcr of brandy. Keep diffor ent articles separate as in Crustas. Tom Collins Brandy. A large liar glass. Juice or small lemon. One wine-glass brandy. One or two lumps of ice. F ill up with plain soda. Do n ot shake if t he soda ii:; cold. Fi\·c or s ix das hes gum syrup. One or two clnshrs Maraschino.

Whiskey Cocktail. Use small liar glass. Take t hree or fom· das hes of gum s yrup. Two das hes of bitters (Boker's). One wine-glass of whis key.

F ill on e-th ird full of fin e ice ; Flmke and s train in a fancy rerl w i11C'-1:dnss. Put a piece of twis ted lemon peel in t he glass and ser ve.

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