1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox


Whiskey Daisy. Use small bar glass.

Take three das hes g um syrup. T wo dashes orgeat s yrup.

Tho j uice of hfLlf a small le mon. One wino-glnss of Bourbon or rye "·biskey.

Fill glass one-third .full of shaved ice. 8hnke well, stru.in in to a large cocktail glass, and fill up with seltze r or Apollinaris water.

Gin Daisy. Use small ba1· glass. Take three or four dashes of orgeat, or g um syrup. T hroe das hes of Maraschino. The juico of half a. sma ll lemon. Ono wi ne-glues of Holland g in: F ill glass one-third full of s haved ice. 8hake well, s t1·ain in to a l1irge cocktail glass, a nd fill up with seltzer o r Apollinnris water. Egg Nogg. Use larye bur glass. ·Tako one large teaspoonful of powdered white s ugar. One frosh egg. Ono-half wlna-glass of brandy. One-half wine-glass or 8anta Cruz rum. A little s haved ice. F ill the glass with rich m ilk a nd s hake up the ingre– dients unt il they are thoroug hly mixed. Pour t he mixture iuto a goblet excluding the ice, and grate a littlo nutmeg on top. This may be made by using a wine-glass of either of the above liquors, instead of beth combined. Every well-ordered bar s hould ha,·e a tin egg-nogg " s haker," which is 11 great a id in mixing this beverage.

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