1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Baltimore Egg N ogg. Large bar glasi;.

One yolk of a.n egg, three-quar·Ler tablesp oon of s ugar; add a. little nutmeg and g round c inoamo u to iL, u.11d b oat. it. to a cream. One-half pony bmnuy . Three or four l u w ps o f i ce . One-qua11;er pony J n 111aica. 1·u111. . One pony Made ira win e . littlFtll glass wit h milk, s hake t horo ug h ly, sLraio, grate a e nutQJ.eg on top and eerve.

General Harrison Egg N ogg. L arge bar glw;B. 'l'hree o r fou1· s mall pieces o f i ce. One fres h egg.

Fill . Ono tablespoon' sugnr-.

w1th cider s hak


d st.r n i n ·, ser ve with a


e we , an

lttle nut

meg on top.

Imperial Egg Nog g. L arge bar glass.

One tut.lespoon s ugaL One fresh egg. One-t hird glass of floe ice. One Wine-glass brandy. F ill up Wit One-ho.tr wlne-gln11s Jamaica r u m .

nogg" shaker ~rich lllll k. Shuke t horougb ly, in :.in " es_:; desired. B.ot' E nu strain. Grate a little nutmeg o n top, if gg Nagg-use hot millt and omit the ice.

Sherry Egg Nogg, No. • · ~air tablespoon s ugar. 0 ne egg. ne Pony glass bmndy.

. Onew1 I .Fill up with fin . ne-g ass sherry.

~. tee. Shake well. Strain into a fnn cy 0 \\Ith nutmeg on top.

a 1• g lass. Serv



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