1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Morning Glory Fizz. Large bar glCUJS. Flll the glass three-quarters full with fin e ice. Mix three or tour dashes absinthe in a little water. Three das hes lime juice. Four or fh·e das hes lemon juice. One tablespoon sugar. The white or one 1·gg. A wine-glass or bcotch whiskey. Shake well In a shaker and strain ; fill balance of gl....ss with seltzer or Vichy water. To be drank Immediately or t he e ffect wiU b e lost. l! is a mo ln ' rn g beverage, a tonic and a nerve qui eter.

Gin Fizz. A large bar glass.

Ralf tablespoon s ugar. Three or four dashes lemon juice. One wine-glass Old Tom gin.

Put all! a s poon . st al n the glass ; half full of fin e ice ; s tl r w e! w t r~ WaLe1· ~n~ d~ into a fizz glass. Fill up with sel tzer or v1c y not fail to drink quickly. l i

Brandy Fizz. A large bar glass.

One-half te Juice of h nspoon fine su gar. nu a lemon gue wlne-gla':ls brandy ne or two d h · Three-

as es of white of egg. quart(lrs of glass fine ice. Shake we ll .

, Strain into a fizz glass; fill up with seltzer or vichy. rhis must be imbibed Immediately.

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