1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox

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Port Wine Negus. General rtile for prepciring n. quantity.

To every pint of Port w ine a ll ow: One quart C\f b o ill11g wnto1·.

One quarte r of n pound o f Jonf-s ugnr. One lemon. Grated nutmeg to t -.::;te.

Put the wine in to a jug, rub som e Jumps of s ugar(equnl to one-quarter of a pound) on the lemon rind unLll a ll the yellow pa rt of the s kin is a bso rbe d , th e n sq ueeze the juice and s train it. Add tbe sugar a nd l em o n juice to the Port wine with the grat ed nutmeg ; pour ove1· i t t he bC\iling ·~·at.er, cover the j ui;, and whoo thti b e v e 1·nge h as cooled a little, it will be nt tor use. . Negus may alRo be made o f s h e rry, or a n y other sweet wine, but it ls more usua lly made of Po1·t. Tbis is an Englis h bever age and derives its name from Colonel Negus, wh0 is s aid to bave inven ted it .

Soda Negus. A.bout one quart.

Take one pint of Port wine.

Eight lumps ot white loaf sugar. Six cloves.

p Grated nutmeg sufficient t o fill a eun i;uuce pim, ~varm and stir them we ll, but do not suffe r t h e mi xture L 11 botl Pou ·t · ti warm · r 1 mto a pitch e r or bowl, and u po u 1e wine d»cant b Thi a ottle of p lain soda wate r. s makes a delicious efferveEcing drink.

American Pousse Cafe.

One-quarter Mnrnschioo. One-qnnrter Curncoa One-quarter Cha1·tre ut1e (green). One.quarter brandy.

Keep the colors separate.

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