1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox


Pousse Cafe, French. A sherry w ine-g/aHS. One-half glass l\faraschino. One-s ixth glass ras pberry syrup. One.s ixth glass >anilln. One-s ixth gla:;s Curacoa. One s ixth glass Char t l'eus e. One-s ixth glass brandy.

In compounding t he above us e a s mall wine-glass fol' pour l11 g in each arLit.,Je separ at ely; be very ca reful in doing s o that eac h port ion may be separate. Ser ve witho ut mixing.


Boil a large ke t tle of st rong black coffl'e, take a large dis h and put four pou nds of s ugar into iL; then pour four bottles of brandy a n<\ two bottles of J a maica rnm over the s ugar, and set it on fi re, le t t he s ugar dissolve and d1·op into t he black coffee ; stir this well and you will have a good hot punch.

Brandy and Rum Punch.

U,qe large liar gla.~~. Take one tablespoonful of powd••red whit e s ugar, dis- solved in a litt le wate r. One wine-glass of Sant a Cruz rum.

One .half wine-glass or bran dy. Jnieo of hnlf of 11 smnll lemon. One slice of orange (cut in qua r ters ). One piece of pineapple .

Fill t he t umbler \Y )t h s haved ice, s ha ke well, and dress the top with s liced limo and berries in season. Serve with 11. s traw.

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