1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox

Gin Punc h . UBe laroe bar 9laAs. T ake one tablespoonful o f r aspbe rry syrup.

One tablospoon !ul of p o wd o 1·c

Milk P unch. Use larae bar 9laBB·

Take one te 0

as poonful of fine white s ugar .

ne wine-glass o f brandy. ~ne.hntr wine-glass o f Santa Cruz ruro . mall lump of Ice. FU! with st rain Int milk, s hake the lngre dien t.s w e ll Iog•·thPr, 0 n lntge glass, and grate a little nutmeg o n top.

Hot Scotch Whis k e y Punc h.


Uae medium bar gla88.

ake one wl T

no.glass of GlenIIvet or I s lay whis lrny.

WO win I Su e-g asses of bolling water .

. g11:.r to taste. (About t" o Jumps of loaf sugar.) Dissolve the then pour In th sugar with one wine-g lass o ! the water; and put In e whiskey ; add t he balance of the water, lemon B t small piece or lemon rind or a thi n s lice of · e ore using t he glass r inse It In hot water.

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