1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox


51.xty -Nioth Regiment Punch. In earthen mug. ' take half wine-gla ss of Iris h w h is k ey. Half wine-g lass or Scot c h whiskey. One teas poonful of s uga r. A small piece of lemon rin d . Two wine-glasses of boilin g h o t water .

St. Charles' Punch. U8e large bar gltuJ.q. tt'ake one teaspoonful of powde r e d w hite s ugar, dis- solved in a liltle wa t er. One wine-glass {lf P o r t win e. One pony glass of brnndy . The juice of a quarte r of a l emon. Fill the tumbler with shaved Ice s hake w e ll, orna ment with fruits In season, and serve with' a straw .

Sherry Punch. Use large bar glaas. Take two wine-glasses of s h e ri·y. One teaspoonful of s ug a r. One slice of orange:

F One slice of lemon. wlth ~!~~mbler with bhavPd ice, shake well, a n d o rna men t es ln season. Serve with a s traw.

Vanilla Punch.


Use large bar glass. ake one tablespoonful of s ugar. One wine-glass of brandy.

The juice of quarter of a lemon. . FU! the tumbler with s haved Ice, s hake we ll, o rnamcn (, with o~e or two slices of lemon and flavor w ith a fe w d rops of vanilla extract. ' This ls ndeliclous drink, and s hould be lmbib<'cl t hr oug h a g lass tube or straw.

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