1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Philadelphia Boating Punch. A l m·ge bar glass.

Fill glass with fin e ice. One ta blespoon s ugar.

On~ or two d·u; hos le rno11 juice. One win e-glass St. Croix rnm. One J•OllY or old brandy. Stir well. Dress with frni t:>, nnrl serYe with a s traw.

Egg Milk Punch. Use forge bar gla.~s. •rake one teas poonful of flno whi to s ugar. One wine-glass or brandy.

One-qua rter wine-glass of Santa Cruz rum. One egg. Small lump or ice.

Fill the glass with pure fresh milk, s hake the Ingre– dients well to~ether, and s train into a large glass.

Champagne Punch. S erve in champagne goblets. One quart bottle wine. One-quat·ter pound sugar . One orange s liced. The juice of one lemon. Three or fout· s lices of pineapple. One wine-glass s trawberry syrup. Dress with fruit and i:serve. Claret Punch• .A. large bar glaas. One and one-half tablespoon sugar. One s lice lemon. Two s lices 01·ange. Fill glass wiLh fine Ice. Pour in claret wine. Shake well. Dress with fruit in season, and serve with a straw.

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