1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Rocky Mountain Punch. For a mixed varty of l1ce:11ty . (From a recipe in t he possession of l\Iajor ,Tames Foster.) T ake !i1·e bottles of Champag ne. Ono quart of J amaica rum. Ono pin t of Murnschino. Six lemons , s liced. Sugat· t o tnsto.

Royal Punch. For a small ]Jarty. T ake 0110 pin t of hot green t ea. One ha ir pint of brandy.

One-ha lf pint of J amaica rum. One wi ne-glass of Curoooa. One wine-glass of Arrack. Juice of two limes. A slice of lemon. Whito s ugar to taste. One gill of warm calf's foot jelly.

To be drank as hot as possible.

Maraschino Punch. Use lm·ye bar glass. T ake one t easpooufui of powdered s ugar, dissolved in a little water. One wine-g lass of brnncly. Two das hes of Arrack. One-half pony g lass of Maraschino. The j uice of half a s mall lemon. Fill the tumbler wit h s haved ico, shake well, ornament with fruit a nd borrios in season, and serv

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