1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Punch J e lly .

T ake one quart, of Punch a la F ord. Thrco ouncr s of is inglass. One-half pint, of wator.

Dissolve the Is ing lass in t ho wate r, boiling; add it while hot to the punch, and Lhon po ur inlo je lly mould ~. taking care they aro n ot disLurbcd un t.il Lho jelly is com– pletely set. I n 1i s imilar mannor,

Orange Punch.

T ake three-quarter pint of rum .

Three-quarter pin t of brandy. One-half pint of porte r. Three und a. half pints of boiling water. Thrne quarter pound of loaf s ugar. Fou r oranges.

Infuse the peel of two and t.he juice o! fou r orangf's with t h e sugar in tho wator for half an hou r; stra in and add the porter, rum and brandy. Suga r may be added, ir it be desired s weetm-. A liq ue ur g lass of Curaooa, Noynu, or Maraschino is cons idornd un improvement. I ns tead of us ing both rum and brandy, one and a half pints of either alone will ans weL·. This Is also a n exei>llont r eeipa for LEMON PUNCH, by s ubstitutin€t lemons for o rnn~os.

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