1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



One pint of brandy. One pint or J amaica rum. One gill of Batavia A1Tnc k. One cup of stron g grcon t e a.. One quart of boiling wute1'. Ona quart of hot milk.

Put all the materials In a clean d e mijo hn, the bo11lng water to be added last· cork this down t o prnvent ovnpora– tion, and allow the i~gredients to s t ee p fo r a t least s b:: hours; then nlld the hot milk and iho juico of t wo moro lemons; mix and fllter through a. jolly-bag; and whe n tho punch has passed bright, put It away in iig ht -codrnd bottlos. This punch ls lntonded to bo lcod fo r drlnkiu~. IC intended for present use filte ring is n o t n ecessary.

Tea Punch.

Use heated metal bow l. Take one-half pint of good brandy. One-half pint of rum.

One-quarter pound of loa f s ugar, dis solved ln water.

One ounce of best gre en t oa. One quart of boiling water. One large lemon.

Ioruse the tea in the water. Warm a s ilver or other metul bowl until quite hot; place in it th o bra ndy , rum, s ugar, and the juice of the lemon. The o il of t ho lemon pell! should be first obtained by rubbing w it h a fow lumps of the s ugar. Set- the contents of the bowl on fi l'O ; and while flaming pour in the tea gradually, s tirring wit h a ladle. It will contlntte to burn foi· some tiruo, and s hould be ladled Into glasses while in that condition . A heated metal bowl will cause the punch to burn louge r than if n <;hii:ia bow) ts 4sed.

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