1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Ale Punch.

Take ooe quart of m ild a le .

One glass o f whiLo w i uu. One g lass of brandy. One g lass o f Capilla i1·e. One lemon .

Mlx the rue, w ino, brandy and Capillai rn t ogether with the juice of the leu.. on and a port.ion of tli u pt~d p :1red ve ry thln. Grate nutmeg on the Lop and aJ d u. uit of tuust.cd bread.

Cider Punch. Take ha lf-pint of Sherry.

One g lass of brandy. One bottle of c ider. Qua.r1 er pound of s ugar. One lemon.

Sb Pare the peel of hal f the le mon very thin; pour t he th erry upon it ; a•Jd the sugar the juice of tli e l e mon, a nd it e cider, WILh a little grat.e<.I ~utmeg Mix: we ll and place on Ice w · · · ces of cucu b. . uen cold, add the brandy and o. few pie m er rind.

Bombay Punch.


Use ci large bowl. the Yo~~:he s~gar over t he l emons until it bas absor~ed _:;i.ll PUuc•· b part o! the Skins of s Lx lemons the n put lU tlt1.1 Ll OWi: ' One pound of loaf sugar. ~wo bottles of imported seltzer water. ne pineapple.

Six oranges. Two lemons. Oqe 0011; strawberries.

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