1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



One wine g lass of Arrack. Juice of two l imes.

One lemon , cut in s lices. One-half pound of s ugar. Mix thor oughly with a lndle, nncl a

Four eggs, tho whites only, a nd drink t his ns hot as possible.

If the punch Is too strong, add moro gr<'f'D t<'n. to tnstc, nnd if not hot enough, p lace the e nti re mixture over the fire nud have it heated, but not boil eel, nnd scn·e.

Hot Spiced Rum . Hot water glaSR.

One teaspoon 5ugar . One teaspoon of m ixed w hole a lls pice a n d clm·es, and a piece of butter nbout the s ize of a small marble. One wine.glass Jama ica rum.

Fill glas

I s w th hot water. Mix well and ser ve.

Ale Sangaree. An ale gla-9.9. One teaspoon powdp1·cd sugar. Fill up with ale, grate r.utmeg on t op, a nd serve.

Brandy Sangaree. Small bar glass.

Two small lumps of ice. Ralf wino-glass wo.tc r. Ono wine-glnss brandy.

. One tea.spoon sngar. Stir well; given das h of Port wino on top, a nd s er vo.


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